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may my heart always be open to little... (19)

e.e. cummings

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I love it
Added by: Lisa G.
This is such a beautiful poem. There's so much hope in it. The speaker recognizes that he doesn't have all the answers, or maybe even any of them, but he still wants to enjoy life as much as the birds do. He looks down on those who think they do have all the answers, calling them old.

The speaker readily accepts the mistakes and errors that are a part of life, even looks forward to them. This is what keeps him young.
Added by: kevin
lisa g. brought about the idea i got from this amaaaazing poem and poet to a T; so, this is only an "i concur" entry. i love the notion that people still "get it" in the world; that we can see our goals, grow through travesty, and understand and be in touch with beautiful things.
it's alright to make mistakes.....
Added by: anavic
i agree with liza g's comment about this beautiful poem that speaks about acceptance at life's imperfections. this poem reassures the reader that it's alright to make mistakes, or not to know the answer to all the questions, to be carefree and restless.... and yes, this will eventually make a person feel young, free and happy.

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