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Abou Ben Adhem

James Henry Leigh Hunt

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Added by: Marcy
one of my favorite poems because my dad used to recite it to us around the campfire. I thought it was by Longfellow. Anyway, it sort of illustrates the hipocracy of religion, doesn't it?
For the love of Man
Added by: Maddy
Jesus said to his disciples- I was hungry and you fed me, I was naked and you clothed me, when I was in prison you came and comforted me.

And his disciples said- What are you on about? We never did this stuff!

And Jesus replied- Every time you have fed and clothed and comforted those who are in need and have little to give in return, THEN you have done this for me!

This is not written to SHOW religion as hypocritical, but rather, to gently encourage the religious to look out and see the goodness of others beyond their immediate circle.
Abou Ben Adhem
Added by: Marjorie
I am delighted to read this poem in full. It was passed through my family for 4 generations - not quite word perfect. Who was Abou Ben Adhem? I love the poem.
Different poem, same poet
Added by: C J Strolin
I am ASTOUNDED to discover that the same person who wrote "Abou Ben Adhem" also wrote the poem "Jenny Kiss'd Me" not only because they are two of my favorite pieces of writing in the English language but, moreover, that they could hardly be more different from each other.

Subject matter, writing style, theme, point of view, structure, use of language, and easily a half dozen other aspects of both these works are as different as night and day. It's like finding out the world's greatest jockey was also a championship sumo wrestler!

Is anyone else familiar with "Jenny Kiss'd Me"? I very, VERY highly recommend it!
Jenny Kissed Me & Abou Ben Adhem
Added by: Louise
My mother introduced me to Leigh Hunt's poetry when I was a tot. I am so glad to find I'm not the only person who thinks the guy rocks! His use of language is brilliant and his sense of humour and insight into human behaviour elevate him into a category all his own. Why isn't his poetry more widely known? Let's get the word out!!

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