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may i feel said he... (16)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: Ailene R. Herrick
I know these comments are supposed to help people understand this poem that anyone that doesn't understand it is pretty dense... :) All I can say is that I like it!
Added by: Tom Burrows
This poem reminds me of a sketch by Raymond Chandler, something quite similar was written by him, I think!
Added by: Lil Red
This poem is just so much fun. Every teenager should get it with their first pack of condoms.
Added by: Heather
This is such a great sexy poem! I'm HAVING it engraved for my boyfriend on a flask!!
read it close
Added by: tyson olson
this poem is very well written if you read it closely you will find out that it is not talking just about sex
Added by: Reese
can't u see she is manipulating him. he is merely a puppet. she is absolutely under control of this whole situation.
Added by: headstrong
the style of the poem is very playful, though i may not be a critic, i'd say its a relief from all the seriously 'descriptive' poems. the poem may seem straightforward but if you look between the lines, it describing something more than sex
Dr. Seuss for adults
Added by: Lisa G.
(I'm not mocking cummings; Dr. Seuss was a genius.) I don't think the woman was manipulating the man. I thought she just wanted to make sure he really loved her before she consented to adultery. Afterward she decided that he did.
This poem is beautfly written
Added by: The Lone misstress of the night@
ee cummings is my favorite poet after brokoski he has this essence of depicting a picture of raw emotion i feel this ive experienced this i love this
Sex or Love? Mostly Sex
Added by: Jessica C
Though I love the poem and Cummings' witty style, which so noticeably juxtaposes his usual, overt style and irregularity of syntax, I feel that many misinterpret the poem. It is about adultery. Yes, it is sexy, but it is not meant to be given to a significant other in a proclamation of love. It is a saucy poem that need not be interpreted as romantic. It is cute, playful, sexy, yet deviant. Is Cummings speaking of love or sex? this is common question that can be applied to all his sexual poems. I think it's sex because Cummings rarely speaks of love.

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