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it may not always be so... (XI)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: meagan mcneil
i think that this is one of the most beautiful poems that i have ever read in my entire life. it is erotic, beautiful, giving, sad, forward, moving and real.
Added by: Bugoy
This poems reflects how possible that simple language can depict the depths of man's emotions. The imagery is so human, true, and emotions so real and felt
Added by: marlowe shrine
no other poem i've read can bring me to tears by the end of reading it, perhaps it happens when you can relate it strongly to something you've experienced. The song equivilant for me would be Leonard Cohen's 'hey, that's no way to say goodbye'
Added by: Captain Dex
e.e. has done it. the greatest love poem in history.
Added by: Jessica
This piece is so deeply personal...I once was very deeply in love with a man, who I knew, somewhere inside, that he was not being faithful to me. I gave this poem to him as a Christmas present. I believe that cummings intended this piece to have a personal connection with everyone who reads it. It is incredibly candid and as always, melodically moving.
It may not always be so
Added by: Juan Madrigal
I just want to say that I came across this poem because Bjork (Icelandic singer) used it in one of her songs for her Medulla album. I thought I was really beautiful and you might like hearing it as a song. Thanks
Comment... & Björk
Added by: Orpheo (Pedro J. Morales Bonilla
Such a wonderful poem! It takes you in a succinct but profound journey through the "small things" (which end up being the great(est) thigs!) of a romantic love realationship. And the end! What an end!!!

"Then shall i turn my face,and hear one bird
sing terribly afar in the lost lands".

The now terribly necessary distance between the two former lovers represented by an image ("and hear one bird
sing terribly afar in the lost lands"
) capable of easily conveying the violent void, caused by absence and goodbyes, to anyone, including people that haven't been in any similar situation.

PS: What a beautiful way of calling one's loved one: "you of my heart"!!!

Has anyone heard Björk's song "sonnets/unrealitties XI" from "Medúlla"? I find that this piece is a great musical rendering of this poem! And the end of the poem combined to the unexpected end of the song is just terrific!

Any opinions on the song or the comment? Any feedback?

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