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Marianne Moore

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"Poetry" by Way of the "Style" of Science
Added by: Styles
http://www.yougotstyle.org/archives/2002_10.html#000013 maybe offers a helpful approach to Marianne Moore's poem.
MM revision
Added by: gourdmad
According to someone :

Later Moore cut the poem to only three lines:

I, too, dislike it.
Reading it, however, with a perfect contempt for it, one discovers in
it, after all, a place for the genuine.
Please read this
Added by: Tiffany
I really like your poems!.*I am doing a report on you at school.*I am working really hard on doing your poems!..*Thank you for being such a good role model!.*
By:Tiffie from ohio!..*
fyi to Tiffie
Added by: Lisa G.
I wonder about the thoroughness of that report, cuz Marianne Moore died in 1972. Then again, you never mentioned the name of the person you were addressing, so it could have very well been me, in which case thank you.
FYI to Lisa G.
Added by: Philip
I, too, noticed that problem in Tiffany's note.
Reading it, however, with a gentle understanding, one discovers in
it something good, happy, and, yes, genuine.
Added by: Booo
I too dislike this poem!
Added by: donna hill
moore doesnt dislike the poem. how can she dislike something she makes everytime? pls do your research...

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