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if there are any heavens my mother... (XLIII)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: ina_kulot
this is a really really good poem... it has a dream-like feel to it, like it's a dream sequence... and you feel good after you read it. there's something kind of sad about it also, but the joy is full and completely realized.
Added by: Don
Yes: the joy is fully realized. It is an exquisite poem.
Added by: Jessie
Yes, this poem is very dream-like and one of my favorites. It is so surreal. My favorite lines are the last three. It's so beautiful and peaceful.

I wish my parents loved each other this way...
Added by: squirrely
this is a really good poem, and it cleared my minded..made me forget what i was doing...
Added by: nunya
i felt that this poem was very peaceful and happy. It gives you this feeling of tranquility because of the soft sound that is expressed by gentle words.
Added by: Garland
The poem, "If there are any heavens my mother.." is a beautiful theory and I think has a great message. The love that E.E. Cummings has for there mother shows in the story and really creates a great image for me. I can truly picture the heaven they are discribing for their mother.

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