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A Theory Of Prosody

Philip Levine

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Bad Poem
Added by: Simon Moon
Sorry... This is a bad modernist poem by a bad modernist poet. I would have thought, that after thousands of years, beginning--to the best of our recollection--at Sumer, we would have progressed more than this. I then suppose that this poet is somewhat euphamistic of the human race. And perhaps he is not such a bad poet as he is a member of a malevolent, neophobic, unknowing human race.
Added by: Edwin

I will certainly concede that "A Theory of Prosody" is one of Levine's worst poems, yet to call him a "bad modernist poet" is ridiculous and absurd.
First of all, can you give me your definition of "modernist"? It sounds like the so-called "modern age" has left a bit of a chip on your shoulder.
You are clearly a misanthrope who knows nothing of poetry. Levine's "Animals are Passing Through Our Lives" and "Angel Butcher" are two of the better poems written in the second half of the twentieth-century.
I beg you not to slander Mr. Levine with your sweeping, misanthropic comments.


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