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Li-Young Lee

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Persimmons is perfection
Added by: Jody Chambers
I appreciate poetry, but am rarely ever moved by it. In fact, I think that the first time I read Persimmons last week was the first time a poem ever really touched me. The simple language used to describe the astonishingly complex relationships in this work is nothing short of heroic. The beauty and love contrasted with the sadness and loss, is the most uniquely sublime writing I've had the pleasure to read.
Added by: Levi King
i agree with the previous comments completely. this just might be a perfect poem. it carries many themes-- love, loss, aging, innocence, memory, and racial and cultural heritage, and it does so with out a single extraneous or misplaced syllable. the last stanza is enough to wet anyone's lashes.
Added by: Michael Do
I've loved this poem for many years. It gives words to feelings I struggle to articulate, and in so doing brings more depth to those feelings. It's beautiful.

If you haven't already, also read This Room and Everything in It.
tightly tied
Added by: Jeff Feezle
Rarely can a poem evoke multiple emotions and describe several events at the same time, tied together by a simple fruit (if you can call them that.) Only in the most astute eye of a good poet may the correlations be seen and even tasted between the natural earth and the natural living days of a man
How to choose
Added by: Martha Pagan
I hold a persimmon in my hand as I read,"How to choose persimmons." Will mine be "food of the gods" when I bite? Pleasantly rewarding with the love embedded in Li's soft tone? If I cheat in life and bite too soon, will I taste bitterness as I would if my fruit is not yet ripe? I have read the poem several times, each time discovering a new profoundness in its myriad themes or powerful words. But through holding a persimmon, smelling it, I can feel the poem at a pivotal depth. After all,"Some things never leave a person...the texture of persimmons..the ripe weight."
fruits of perfection
Added by: lilen malugani guillet
I discovered the fruit by reading the poem, "Persimmons". There is so much delight in each line , in almost all words. the whole world of sensations comes to you anew. The felt presence of your father...The long lost innocence of childhood...Everything contained in one small perfect fruit...a persimmon.

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