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A Story

Li-Young Lee

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What i liked
Added by: Meagan
I really liked the poem, "A Story", by Li-Young Lee. I think that a very central part of this poem is the very human fear of good times. Most people expect a certain amount of suffering in life. Whenever things seem to be going just fine, we begin to worry about what might burst in and ruin it. The poem describes a very simple, comforting scene. A father sits, perhaps in a big armchair, with his little boy on his lap. "Baba," comes that oh-so-familiar plea, "tell me a story." One would think that the man would be living in the moment, trying to get the most out of this precious time with his son. One would think he would be content to sit for hours, snuggling and talking with the pudgy five-year-old, and basking in his gaze of love and complete adoration. But instead, the father is thinking into the future. "How long can this perfection possibly last?" he asks himself. "It will have to come to an end someday. Oh, it will be so hard to loose my precious boy." It does not even cross his mind that the value of this time does not depend on how long it will last, because it is here now. There is always something beautiful in the present, and as time goes by its form will change. The father cannot hold the five-year-old boy in his lap forever. But he can be there for the boy as he grows up and becomes a man, and form a relationship with him that a difference in age and miles will never break. But instead of thinking about all of the wonderful things that may lie in his own and his son's future, the man is afraid. He is paralyzed by fear of change.
He cannot think of a story to tell his son, and he fears the day when he will suddenly loose his magic in his son's eyes. Instead of being the father who can do anything, the son will realize that he is human, and makes mistakes like every other human. When that time comes, he will give anything to captivate his son's attention with a story once again. But right now, he has the boy's full attention, and he cannot even think of a story that could deserve the attention of such a beautiful child. All he can do is worry- worry about changes, about loss, about what the future may hold.

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