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i am so glad and very... (49)

e.e. cummings

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e e cummings
Added by: Jim W
The para "I am so both and oneful", can it be used in the context of saying that we all need to live in peach and harmony because we are all inter-connected?
Added by: personman
I see this as about different lives -- maybe by your 4th or your 20th you get something right. Maybe it's even lives within one lifetime. Maybe it's about the different people we are in different situations, too. I am so both and oneful could be about the male and female sides of each of us.
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Added by: Margy Scott
The Poem reads, "We are so both and oneful" (not "I am"...)
Take a look at the last line
"I am through you so I"
This gives a clue as to his meaning. Cummings prizes his individuality so highly that to fuse with another person would be death. But he has found that perfect love which allows him to be wholly himself at the same time that he feels connection to his loved one. That is truly a cause to rejoice!
Added by: Ray Straight
Maybe it's only because I was looking for it to be so, but I see this poem as a sort of praise for someone who completes him, a glorious love. When ee writes "we are so both and oneful" I take it as meaning that together they make an even greater whole in addition to being greater people seperately. When he writes "
i am through you so i" I think that it means through the person he loves he truly becomes who he is. ('so i' = 'very much i')
poem's meaning
Added by: Penny
I agree with the last two comments. Read the last two verses--he speaks about how 'our' twentieth will open wide a wide open door.

He is speaking of finding his soulmate. This is truly one of the most intimate and touching love peoms I've ever read--not preachy about what love should be or should do. There are no promises being made in this poem. The poet is simply telling the reader of how loving this person has transformed him.

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