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A Knock On The Door

James Tate

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Added by: Stone Tiger
Another really easy one, jimmy. Everybody makes fun of door-to-door proselytizers (except the door-to-door proselytizers). Like "Goodtime Jesus," easy humor, no depth.
Added by: Lisa G.
I personally think the main purpose of this poem was not to make fun of the people who were coming to convert him, but to paint an honest picture of his mind when confronted by thoughts of the afterlife. It simply bores him; he would much rather just have some lemon chiffon pie than think about it. There may not be much depth to this poem, but I personally enjoyed its simplicity.
Not everyone...
Added by: Lis
Well, I for one don't make fun of door-to-door proselytizers. I, too invite them in.
I actually admire their willingness to give their time, spreading the "word" - because that is what they believe to be right.
I kind of envy their ability to embrace the tidy dogma that seems to comfort them.

I offer respect and hospitality, and generally tell them that yeah, the doom & gloom they predict seems pretty likely to be around the corner; but I choose to understand and respond to the universe in a different manner.
I don't say that I think it is ultimate vanity to suppose that by being "good" and reading your book you can acheive immortality!
I think that this poem shares a similar philosphy ....
The generous free spirit happily offers hospitality and shares his pleasure to be alive to enjoy tasty food RIGHT NOW - but unwilling join THEM in wallowing in a discouraging future view, that require spoiling the experience of here and now.

very clever.

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