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Mont Blanc

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Added by: Karin

· Nature tells us there is no God, no afterlife, but Nature’s gift of serenity and grandeur reconcile us to this life and to death.

· Nature can ‘repeal large codes of fraud & woe’ – can soothe us FROM the pain of the sorrow and deception of human society. In my case, the solemnity & serenity of Nature balances the pain of Arabs teaching hate of Jews and the world’s indifference. There are deeper, more solemn truths – divine laws trump human injustice.

· Wisdom, greatness, goodness respond to Nature’s lesson – understand, express and feel it

·Line 139 - Why Strength? How does it govern thought? Why does it rule Heaven? This sentence is important, but mystifying itself!

Percy Shelley/Mont Blanc
Added by: Gabriel T. Hibbs
Shelley has borrowerd a beutifuul philosophy from the Lake Poet Wordsworth. He has taken this sence of connection between man and nature to a new awe inspiring dark preveiw to the minds of a higher "sencesibility".

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