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Visitors' Comments about:

Love's Philosophy

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Added by: yaya
at the risk of sounding kitchy - isn't this romantic?
yeah but wheres the poem?
Added by: fran
i couldnt read the poem to comment so cant say wether its kitchy or not
percy's poem
Added by: Josh
This is beautiful, breathtakingly, short, simple, sweet and beautiful.
Added by: michael
Very inspirational. Has good flow, and makes one think of both love and nature, and how they influence our lives.
Added by: Su
For me this poem is so visual it conjures up so many beautiful images. My favourite image being the moonbeams as they kiss the sea. This poem has got to be my all time favourite
Added by: melissa
this poem is very beautiful and reading this poem has made me understand him a little more. now i can do my high school project better.
Philosophy of love
Added by: Yıldırım Ízsevgeš
this poem is full of images.
not yet
Added by: Faris
Shelley's trying to convice he's gotta be kissed. Beautiful words to convince the person, but does sound tad desperate.

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