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The Onion, Memory

Craig Raine

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Notes from the Norton Anthology
Added by: Jough (Editor)
Just thought I'd post some notes from the Norton Anthology about this poem, as they seem useful.

Line 10: "corporation spears" - A spiked fence put up by the town corporation.

Line 11: "bole" - Tree trunk.

Line 29: "Oistrakhs" - David and Igor Oistrakh, celebrated Russian violinists.

Line 30: "Emi-tape" - A popular British brand of audio-tape.

I don't know how much help these notes will be, but it's a start.
French and Italian
Added by: Georgina Morgenstern
It is interesting to find a site that actually contains a poem by the celebrated Craig Raine. It is in itself definately a work of the skill that Mr. Raine is so endowed with, though perhaps not quite that which was so much enjoyed in his poem, A la Recherche du Temps perdu.
Raine shows his confidence in interiors and emphasises the little things in life in order to make a larger statement. There is much sadness and beauty in this poem.
Hope you enjoyed it too.
All the best,
Added by: jiminy cricket
i think there is a lot to say but i don't have time. i just want to suggest a similar onionandlove themed poem by carol ann duffy where the onion is used as an image of fidelity and permanence as well as "promising light/like the gentle undressings of love." i thought this might help with poetry comparison work. or maybe not.
Added by: June
more notes:

Line 9 - Douglas Fairbanks - film actor famous for his swashbuckling daredevil exploits in the 1920s and 1930s (Norton)

Line 16 - pasty babies - double meaning for humans and meat pies.

Line 18 - Palaver - a talk, idle chatter

Added by: chet
I enthusiastically enjoy this poem, yet am constatnly bothered by the fact that I can't figure out what the hell the dinosaurs are, nor can I find anything helpful online. Can I get a clue?

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