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dying is fine)but Death... (6)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: Gaijda
Yes, and so is every other literary advancement of the past 1500 years.
Added by: Christopher
It's a beautiful way of looking at the polar meanings of dying and death, especially since a great deal of people seem to think the two are the same.
Added by: aztecdragon
Note how the spacing in the poem helps to illustrate the mood, the feeling of what he's trying to say. Name 1 other poet who's as good with language and typography as this man!
Added by: Mercedes Paz Carty
Before coming to the States FROM my native Bolivia ,I took an English course to assess my rudimentary Knowledge of the language. The teacher, a young scholar, gave us poems by e.e. cummings to see how much we could understand. We were supossed to translate and interpret the meaning. Personally I tried hard and apparently, surprised the teacher with good translations . When he asked me how I did it, I thought for awhile and told him "Through the poems` music."Now I think that cummings writes within many dimensions of the soul ,and in ORDER to understand him, one has to explore those dimensions within . Thank you.
Death is Static
Added by: Margy Scott
Everywhere in Cummings' poetry is a love of growing, changing, questioning, living life fully. He hates the living deathlike state into which so many people so easily slip. This poem grabs your attention and makes you ponder and feel around inside yourself for the differences between death and the process of dying, both literal and metaphorical.
Added by: Jess
I agree with Christopher and Margy in that Cummings is attempting to define the differences between "dying" and "death." Dying involves some action and feeling... He loves verbs and action... Another great poem by Cummings.
Added by: Steve
Substiute living for dying. And you get a clearer look at what Cummings is getting at. Much like Dylan Thomas, "Do not go gentle into that good night" it emphasizes that death comes for all, but you should live every minute of your life.
Added by: Rosa
This is a great poem it tells you the purpose of life. It also says that death isn't the same as dying.

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