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Buffalo Bill's... (XXI)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: Katie
This poem is absolutely brilliant. I read somewhere that "blueeyed boy" also means "favorite one," so Buffalo Bill could be Mister Death's favorite because a) he killed so many animals or b) because Death feels Buffalo Bill deserves to die, and death loves to take life.
Added by: aztecdragon
Interesting how he regulates the speed and rhythm of the way the reader reads this poem. Read correctly, it's almost natural to say this poem in a western accent.
Added by: J. Cadwell
Absolutely beautiful. Notice the word "Defunct" meaning that not a man but a business has been killed. A friend of mine used to draw pictures of Buffalo Bill. When I read this poem I get a glimse at the adoration felt towards B.B. I'm not sure what cummings was trying to get across with the poem, be it possitive or negative, but a beautiful description of Bill all the same.
Added by: christie
I read that cummings loved to go to buffalo bill shows. this has always been one of my favorite poems of his... it is so smooth with just a little chop chop in it. it seems as though when you read one of his poems, you take on this tone in your voice... it's almost like you take on a character.
buffalo bill
Added by: r gannascoli
This is a deeply religious world view. You will not be judged on the success and admiration you get on earth. There are lovers and fakers and fakers will be judged the same way by Mister Death. You will to to heaven or hell based on what they see because they see things the way they really are.
Added by: Eric
I like this poem because you can read it in a number of ways. The line "jesus / he was a handsome man" could be about Christ, or Buffalo Bill. same with "blue eyed boy". You could spend hours mulling over this poem.
Added by: Mucks
e.e. cummings does an incredible job of personifying death, and this poem is just one example. I love his questioning of Death, asking Him if He enjoys Bill as much as we all did.

Side note: I don't know why, but when I read this poem, I always hear it as a whisper. Especially the end.

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