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Visitors' Comments about:

Ape And Coffee

Russell Edson

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Added by: Hans
I like this poem... one of few of Edson's i can make any sense of at all hehe, though i like many of them. Puts INTO a comical light the fear some of us have of evolution, and the idea that we "used to be monkeys", and how confused we get when confronted with these things.. Or perhaps i completely missed the target.
just enjoy
Added by: russell bly
i don't think there is anything to figure out with Edson's poems. He just means for us to enjoy them. Jackson Pollock said that when you see a rose bush, you don't tear out your hair trying to figure out what it means, it's just a rose bush, and to be enjoyed as such.
Added by: jen
this poem gives me the feeling of questioning matter, that things can be seen in a strangly oppisite way and that the person is less aware of the world then an ape wich is really not human at all
Added by: BastardSon
many of Edson's poems appear to be comical and lighthearted and not to be figured out upon the first read/glance/stance, etc. BUT actually they are quite crappy...
ape reply
Added by: kathy
This is an interesting poem. Mentally stimulating. IN response to the person that said "You don't rip out your hair trying to figure a rose bush." You can't compare a poem to a rose bush. Yes, both are lovely when well taken care of. But a rose bush comes from nature not man. A poem comes from man (and may be inspired by nature). The sheer nature of trying to understaning a poem and coming to that exciting place of understanding it is what makes a poem as lovely as a rose bush. You can appreciate more once it's understood.
Added by: Katey
I completely agree with Russell Bly. I don't think there's a "hidden meaning" behind most of Edson's poems, especially this one. Edson loves to play with the crazy life...surealism. It's a picture of sureality. You just take it as it is. I find this one to incredibly imaginative and daring. I love it.
Surreal like a dream
Added by: Amanda
I recently attended one of Edson's live readings of his poetry and the question-answer session that followed. Everything that he said (and did not say) implied that there is no hidden meaning to his poetry, but that he enjoys the images. He compared his poems to his dreams, that you can't made sense out of either (and that's the fun of it all).
Added by: Steve
a colour blind person may look at a rose bush and think gray, but does that mean it's gray? is it really red? no, it is based on people's perspectives. there in fact are meanings, but these meanings are based on the reader. i think russel edson tries to put out the message that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. (sorry shakes)
Added by: Zac
If I wanted to put my own reading on Edson's images: this poem immediately made me think of the American-Islamic conflict. The man is the xenophobic westerner blaming the hapless, though very different-looking, ape for the problems the man caused in the first place, becoming more and more convinced he's right as the ape responds by becoming increasingly angry.

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