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Visitors' Comments about:

If I Could Tell You

W.H. Auden

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Added by: Moi
In response to Phillip Morris' comment, I believe that he is overanalyzing the poem more than necessary. The poem NEVER mentions anything about British empires, and etc; thus, you cannot make assumptions that the poem is alluding to them. Eat Me's clear-cut analysis is concise and offers readers a wonderful way to show how the poet utilizes techniques to contribute to the deeper meaning of the poem.
Added by: katie
I have always been drawn to this poem, and the analysis given has just confirmed my interpretation.
Added by: Juliette
Thanks Eat me for your exceptional analysis. I love analyzing poems and finding their deep meanings, but it's very difficult for me to start from scratch, like I couldn't anayize this poem without the help of your statements. Do you have any advice or what do you do to find the author's reasons for diction and such?

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