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Visitors' Comments about:

Musée des Beaux Arts

W.H. Auden

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An error
Added by: Alison Goring
Line 16 - isn't there a 'heard' missing?
Added by: Jough
Yes, the first of the double "the"s should have been "heard." Very strange.

Thanks for letting us know.

-- Jough
Who is the "Old Master" in W.H.Auden poem Musee de
Added by: Ms.Punchanok Anurakboonying
Please reply me this question, I'm doing an assignment.
Added by: Poetic Bastard
The old master is Brugel, the painter of the described picture
just walking dully along
Added by: dylan
notice how saturated with adverbs the first "stanza" is

& also how rhythmically casual (rhymes are there, but no consistent meter); uncharacteristic for Auden
Added by: Lauren
The theme of the poem is the way humans regard suffering with apathy. The ship sees Icarus fall out of the sky and drown in the sea, but "life goes on" and it has to move on too.

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