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The Far Field

Theodore Roethke

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the far field
Added by: brock janssen
I just read this poem the other day and was looking around for ideas about it. this was the first place i landed and since there were no comments here i thought id post my meager ideas.
What i gathered pertained mostly to either interpretations or stages of death. The first section, to me, illustrated a slightly fatalist view of dying. The images tumble at you and there is no feeling of control. It all seems to cut off any sense of peripheral vision. In the second section it feels like he learning about death as a child or at least pondering it. He finds tiny finite dead things and in them learns of the eternal. he also includes some ideas of rebirth. I know he worked in a greenhouse when he was younger and i see a lot of that here. He must have seen the cycle of life he describes here in the plants and animals of his youth. the next two sections are foggy to me but i know there is at least some evidence that points at ideas of afterlife, and i know its important that he ends with images like light on a pine tree; things which are intangible yet generate a light feeling. Hopefully this generates some responses from other people much brighter than myself. I could go on but "I learn by going where I have to go," which is to work.

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