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Visitors' Comments about:

I Knew A Woman

Theodore Roethke

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oo baby!
Added by: Kyle
This poem has a lot of double meanings. Think about it. Well, if you're not getting it, it is about sex. This woman taught him to....well. Re-read it and put your mind back in the gutter. Now do you get it?
Added by: Mariah
This poem has changed my views on poetry. The structure and word choice are so beautiful! This isn't just a poem about sex, it is about love that will never be. Roethke was in love with a woman who used him and he knew it, but he couldn't change anything. ("I'm a martyr to a motion not my own") I love the metaphor of the sickle and the rake. Here was this woman taht would go through with her sickle and detroy everything. After that, Roethke would go in and clean everything up with his rake. Somehow this disfunctional relationship managed to somewhat work. ("But what prodigious mowing did we make") I love the last stanza as well. You can feel the tone change. All of the sudden Roethke is talking of time and eternity showing that this relationship will continue the way it is because he can't stop loving her and she will never return the feelings. It is a sad, but very touching and sweet poem.
White Space
Added by: Justin
It might also be useful to think of the poem as the known woman. Think of how many poets have developed an infatuation for the white space.

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