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Elegy For Jane

Theodore Roethke

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elegy for jane
Added by: Jessica Connell
Is the narator in love with jane?
Does this poem have anything to do with the student Roethke had a relationship with while teaching at Bennington College?
Elegy for Jane
Added by: Lynn Fischer
I loved it. The only comment I read about questioning his being in love with this student was so stupid. He said he wasn't her lover or father. He cared. He was moved. I've been that way with the death of someone I didn't know. You almost feel you have no right to care and are surprised that you do. I saw the tendrils of her sweet hair on her neck FROM his poem.
Elegy for Jane
Added by: Sonia Puckett
I loved the poem. I hope your other poems are this touching!
Added by: garry stewart
As pure and clear and plangent a bell as poetry can ring...Roethke is simple and complex at once, and acheives a rich humanity in his work- raw, deeply felt, exemplary in this gem-like case.
Added by: Megan Lear
I like this poem, i think that it is very moving. some people think that he was in love with her, he wasn't though. it says in the reading he has on it. why would he marry a student of his? i think its wrong and stupid!

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