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anyone lived in a pretty how town... (29)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: Chibi
Not to sound horribly childish or condescending, but... the elitist 'vibe' I'm getting from some of the posters here make me atleast moderately uncomfortable. The comments were supposed to be critical in nature, right? Why the extra commentary about what other people may or may not understand? If you get it, that's great, I applaud you, but is it really necessary to put other people down while you're at it? Personally, I just discovered cummings' poetry and I love it- I didn't say I understood it, I said I loved it. It's intriguing, makes me think, and confuses me (which I'll readily admit). I won't say that I understand all of it, or that I like all of it. But from what I've read, I like... Isn't it the feeling that you get from reading a poem what's most important? The connecting, the whoosh of 'oh wow...'? But I guess some people aren't like that... Which is why I don't understand why some people are being so harsh and I-look-down-my-nose-at-thee. A really good wine can be equally enjoyed by anybody whether the person be some regular Joe off the street, or a wine conosseiur... So... Just wanted to say, if you're not going to say something that's going to help some student, or if you're not going to say something positive, or thought-inducing, just please, refrain from commenting... Eep... I'm thinking I've just made a hypocrite of myself... >.
Added by: April
This poem always causes me to reflect on how I am living my own life. Am I an "anyone/noone", living life to its fullest and truly caring for others; or have i been acting like a "someone/everyone", going through the motions ("sleeping my dream") and not caring about others? I try hard to live as the former.
Added by: Cate
When I first was introduced to this poem by my best friend (who is a poetry addict), I was profoundly confused. It was not until later that I began to understand it. Anyone is simply the name of a man, and No one is the name of a woman. This is the story of their life and love. A very common one in today's society that often gets overlooked. The advice I take from this poem is not to overlook simplicity, because often times it holds the most beauty.
it's beautiful
Added by: no one
i am in the tenth grade and i think this is the most beautiful piece of poetry i have ever read. I don't really care how it's written or what it means but i know that when a poem touches me it is worth reading a million times over.
Added by: Rosie
has anybody considered that "noone" and "anyone" might mean just that? if you read the poems with these words as words, then you come away with the statement "noone loves anyone" as in that in our society of "someones", a relationship like the one described simply does not exist. a pretty bleak concept when you think about it.
Added by: t
after i read this poem i despise all other aspiring poets-including myself- because all are unworthy compared to eec. this poem is genius and is the upmost brilliant thing i have read or ever will read in my entire lifetime. he is a genius.
Added by: Missy
I must say, if e.e. cummings poem DID make the 43-year-old-housewive's head spontaneously combust, he would ultimately be the best poet to ever have lived.

That would be SO cool.
Added by: Carolina
For Rosie;
cummings pretended to be ironic by introducing his main character, named 'anyone'. clearly 'anyone' is not just anyone; he is different from the crowd of 'someones' and 'everyones' hence the irony. 'noone' loves 'anyone' as she laughs his joy and cries his grief, as opposed to all the other members of the town who did the opposite. also, the juxtaposition of their love is the marriages between 'someones' and 'everyones' who are not said to love, just to marry. the point being made by cummings is that 'anyone' and 'noone', although socially rejected, experience true love, as opposed to the rest who just wallow in the monotony of their lives (spring summer autumn winter).
Where Town
Added by: Will
It's the "pretty how town" that I've never been able to grasp. Why is the town constructed, as such, on its manner of being and not, as with the characters, on its anonymity? It's always seemed somewhat out of place for me. The anyones and everyones etc. are beautifully expressed with almost interchangible contradictions and, as has been mentioned prior, reads like a story in spite of it's language. Yet, "where" they are has seemingly been replaced by "how" they are (or "how" they have come about) in importance. And then there is no more mention made. The someones and everyones take over the supporting cast role of the location.
pretty how town
Added by: simon
it seems to me that the purpose of introducing anyone in a "pretty how town" is not so much to set the anonymity of the town itself, but the generic character of its inhabitants: the someones and everyones, the "supporting cast." could an everyone really live somewhere more specific than a "pretty how town?"

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