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Theme For English B

Langston Hughes

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Added by: Gao Shan
There is not such thing as reading too much into a poem. Poems are small cages that capture flicker of emotions. As each of us is different, we read and feel distinctively. It is only natural to have different interpretation.
A simple but lovely poem. Powerful methapor
Added by: Tammie
It was interesting to read someone's comment about the Black Renaissance being in Harlem. This provides clear insight into a part of the peom that has always baffled me.

"I feel and see and hear, Harlem, I hear you: hear you, hear me-we two-you,me, talk on this page."

Maybe Hughes' intent was to speak as the voice of the black people Harlem who were trying to make a change..
"I am the only colored student in my class."

you...*through* me.....talk on this page.
Added by: Mr. Coheritan
Sweet Poem. Its about racism dude. The paper iswhite ,but he is black. Shows how racism was pointless because we are all alike
Added by: Vanessa
I read Hughes's poem in my English class and I thought it was a powwerful poem. The message the persona was trying to get across is the fact that he is unsure of his identity as a black man. He is caught in the middle between black and white. Unlike other blacks he is separated by formal education which he shares with other whites. Yet it seems he is still regarded as inferior to the whites because his skin is black.
The barrier between black and white people comes to an intersection at their nationality. They are all Americans whether they like it or not.
great poem
Added by: Bahtiyor
i am very interested in american literature, especially poetry. i remember reading this poem when i was a high school student. today i decided to have a look at it again, because great poems, no matter when they are written, do not lose their significance.
English B
Added by: hanan
Race is such an extreme issue here, and there really aren't many "colored" people in teh school either. Also by referring to the poem, you can learn that Professors back then probably never even heard of learning anything new from a student. They pretty much used to always look down on them.

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