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The Negro Speaks Of Rivers

Langston Hughes

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Added by: Anthony Dale
This poem by L.H. was an well written poem that traces African American's history. It's a great poem because it provides so much information and can be easily understood (unlike most poem). I believe that 'The Negro Speaks of Rivers' is one of his best pieces.
Brief Analysis
Added by: Lia Parisyan
The poem, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers," is an affirmation of the beauty of the soul and the rich historical pride which we all branch out from. The river imagery is parallel to "human blood in human veins," a person's veins resemble the source of a river and is another interconnection which links the speaker to his ancestors. The speaker emphasizes the word "I" which appears at the start of each sentence. This emphasis demonstrate's the speaker's individuality and evokes a sense of magnitude, magnificence and grandure that are used to describe the Mighty Mississppi and Ancient Tigris and Euphrates.
Negro speaks of rivers
Added by: Sabrina
Im a younger person and i believe Langston was extremly talented I wish he were still around so I could meet him but the only part I met was his soul for poems...Its my faveorite!!
Added by: Jessica
After reading this poem I understood Hughes references to the Euphrates, the Congo, the Nile, and the Mississippi but I was confused be his refrence to Abe Lincoln and New Orleans. So, I did some research and found that in 1828, when Lincoln was 19 he made a trip by flatboat down the Mississippi to New Orleans. This was apparently Lincolns first glimse of the wider world outside of Kentucky. I can't pin down the exact significance of this information, but I know that it is somehow relavent, so I wanted to share.
The Negro Speaks of Rivers
Added by: Wes
This poem shows how in his ancestry, that they have kept on fighting all the way throughout their history. This poem relates to Mother-to-Son by telling his fellow Africans not to give up and what they have accomplished in their history. How the advanced and became stronger and succeding in Africa. The last part with Lincoln shows how they have abolished slavery which shows they are succeding in their race some more.
Added by: taquella miller
this poem by langston hughes was great he was aquick and easy going poem he talked about what he was and he was a graet poet period i personally love james langston hughes poetry it inspires me in ways you can't imagine
Negro Speaks of Rivers
Added by: The Help Gu
The style in Hughes wrote this poem can best be compared to:

A. Cummings's unconventional style.
B. McKay's formal style
C. Frost's blank verse.
D. Sandburg's free verse.
The Negro Speaks of Rivers
Added by: Will Mahler
This poem sucks and I hate it.
The feeling
Added by: Dejon
it really touched my heart
Added by: mina
I find this poem encouraging because itís not only an inspirational message from a mother to a son, but to the reader. No matter what kinds of mountains I have to climb in life, I know that I can overcome them because Langston has revealed to me with his them of hope and encouragement in, Mother to Son . Everything the mother in the poem tells her son , arouses in me the want and need to keep climbing every mountain in my way and to make lemonade when life gives me lemons

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