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Night Funeral In Harlem

Langston Hughes

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Burial Place of Langston Hughes
Added by: Sylvia Lopez
I would like to know if the ashes of Langston Hughes are in the Schomberg Library, located in Manhattan (Harlem), NYC?
Langston Hughes
Added by: Alan Naldrett
Someone inquired about Langston Hughes burial place, or more exactly, if his ashes were in the Schomberg library. Yes! they are. Here is more info:
The Langston Hughes Auditorium in the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture; the artistic significance of the cosmogram on the floor of the auditorium; Cosmogram is entitled Rivers and it is based on Hughes's signature poem; the cosmogram illustrates Hughes's poem, The Negro Speaks of Rivers, as well as traces the lifelines of Schomburg and Hughes; Hughes's ashes are buried beneath the center of the cosmogram where it says, "My soul has grown deep like the rivers."

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