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Madam And Her Madam

Langston Hughes

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Added by: Playboy Black
For people who are in this industry now-Personal Assistant, House Manager, Sitters, and HouseKeepers, can totally relate to this poem. It may not have been funny then, maybe to some extinct, but times have changed, as well as, the minds of many. So this poem "Madam and Her Madam," to me was very happy, because it may not have been worth the pay then, but in 2004, making a high range in figures sure do add up. Plus it is not really hard labor--like picking cotton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added by: baby girl
this poem states that it was hard to work because it was too much.. there was just too much to do...thats all....because back then in the 1920's they got payed very little for alot of work

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