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Let America Be America Again

Langston Hughes

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Added by: gail golden
this poem seems as relevant today as when it was written.
Added by: Zephyr Bronzed
Oh please.

Hughes was talking about how America was never really the land of the free. And today, despite the media's and politicians' pleas, America still isn't the land of the free. It's the land of the opressors.

-(an american)
Added by: black is beautiful
this poem is an empowering poem about american freedom. this poem raises the question of whether america was ever really free.
Added by: mercyme
I think this poem reflects much anger and pity...in most of his work he continuously talks about how bad african americans have it and how good white people have it...
Let America Be America Again
Added by: Maybe
"It's the land of the opressors.?"
by Zephyr Bronzed

Dear Z,
Opressors? Do you live in the U.S.? If you do have you tried living in other countries? I am not saying there is no opressors but there is also the good things too.

America can never be free, we will always have to pay taxes.
But really can anyone name one country that is free (I don't mean taxes). If we want to help to bring some kind of goodness and fairness to America, we need to each clean up our own acts.
Added by: Christine
This poem is truly amazing in my opinion. Hughes is one of my favorite poets and I'm glad I stumbled by chance across this one. He is so eloquent at conveying his ideas and feelings that it's hard not to like his work, but I think that this particular poem stands out for me as one of his better ones. It is a little more straight forward than some of his others, but I don't think that this diminishes it's quality at all. Excellent poem from a phenomenal poet.
Added by: Olivia Bailey
What a meaningful and moving poem! Langston Hughes questions the past and present moralities of our country, which shows a greater care for America and itís people than blind patriotism ever did. Would that more people could be brave enough to question and examine United States principles today.
over long
Added by: Geraldine
A nice spin on 'Jerusalem' that would have made a great 2- or 3-stanza poem. Instead we have a lengthy, repetitive diatribe of uneven quality and occasionally clumsy scansion.
It takes more than a brave idea to be a great poet.
Added by: Paul S.
This poem speaks a truth that many would rather pretend away, thus it will always draw negative criticism from fascists and the like.
Added by: dude
this poem is awsome and cool to sing to.

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