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Visitors' Comments about:

Daybreak In Alabama

Langston Hughes

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what dose the poem meen
Added by: lourdes
i will like to ask this questions
What Does the arthor want to be when he grows uo? What dosethat mean
What kind of the things will the poet includes in there work?
Do you feel that this poet is racist? Explain
Added by: lourdes
where dose that poet from
What kind of place is it? can you tell from the poem
Added by: david
you are idiots. does, mean, would, question, author, what kind of things will the poet include in his work?, it there is more than one poet than it is: what kind of things will the poets include in their work?, and langston hughes is obviously not a fucking racist you dumb piece of shit.
Added by: julie
the poem is about historical events
Added by: ashley
the poem isnt about historical events. if you read the poem carefully it is about unity and peace. hughes hopes for good things in teh world to come, he's not writing about history. he's writing about the future hopes.
Added by: Jessica
I completely agree with Ashley! This poem is about hopes for equality. Read other poems and stories by Langston Hughes. His works tend to promote equality, condemn racism and injustice and celebrate African American culture, humor, and spirituality.
daybreak in alabama
Added by: david (not the same one)
ashley is hot. good job.

how do you not see it? and how can you ask if langston is a racist? thats just silly borderline retarded...

wheres the love at. "touching everybody with kind fingers..." black brown yellow all the races of the earth, together as natural as dew...
Added by: unknown
This poem through its retoric and sound relates to the common man. Through his poetry Hughes tries to relate messages of freedom and equality. The "daybreak" means the freedom of the african americans in which they earned respect through the harlem renaissance because they were being accepted because of their jazz music. Daybreak symbolizes equality which Hughes would like to convey to his country at that point in time.
langston hughes
Added by: amanda
this poem is about creating harmony between all races and it does deal with historical events as well because ASHLEY if you recall Alabama is the deep south where slavery originnated, in fact slavery was awful in Alabama, so langston hughes wants to end slavery ther first because thats where it originated, so it has to do with not only unity, but history as well, because slavery is history.

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