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The Wild Honey-Suckle

Philip Freneau

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Added by: Eddy G.
It's simple, it's beautiful, and the application to the beauty of all things in nature, including ourselves, is forever true.
Added by: Colin
My first English professor in college, Prof. Fritzell at Lawrence University, had one of the best insights into this poem I've ever come across, and it's amazing how well it applies to early American literature in general (frustrated and ironic).

"What the fuck is a wild honey suckle doing in a godamned ballad?!"

As you can see, he was a man of eloquence. Seriously though, there is such a horrible clash between the content and the form it's not even funny.
Added by: Lisa G.
Freneau, whoever that was, certainly was (yawn) passionate about wild honeysuckle.

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