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Keith Douglas

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Added by: jake
I just wanted to say that this poem, to me anyway, is one of the most emotive of all war poetry. it may not be as graphic and as depicting as some, though i just find it really thought provoking. The way it tells of how this persona finds this corpse to be a person rather than a statistic, i think is relevant to both the situation then, and life as it is now. i mean, teh population is ever growing, and when we hear horrible stories on the news, its easy to dismiss because we dont know them, so i just thought it was really emotive and made me both understand the severity of front line conditions and to think about my own life, and hope to act upon it.

any thoughts?
Added by: S.Connerton
Powerfully conveyed notion of the killer as a lover gives the poem a ghostly ending, which leaves the reader in sympathy with Steffi. Appropriately, the killer's final thoughts were of love.
Added by: chiara
Does the "heart - hurt" rhyme in the last stanza remind anyone of Wilfred Owen (one of the World War 1 poets)'s technique of pararhyme, in which the second sound is similar but lower in pitch to convey a sense of failure in dissonance? Or am I imagining things?
Great Poem
Added by: Walford
We are students reviewing this poem. It is very powerful and captures deapth and reality of war. In the 4th stanza when the soldier is mocked by his own equipment. This shows that we are fragile to war and tools of war are mortal. We found the last stanza the best due to its powerful meaning. This shows that the soldier had no choice in dying but in doing so has hurt his lover, Steffi.

Great Poem Cheers form the Walford Girls

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