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Labor Day

Louise Glück

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Added by: M Washington
I love how this poem starts with the word "requiring" and places
us right into the action. The title leaves the poem's subject as a surprise and we would
never expect that ending. In the hands of a lesser poet, those last two words
could really fail. Gluck does a great job.

I wonder why she chose to use "sprawl" twice in
one line? Anyone have thoughts on that?
Added by: Gypsey
Prefeminist thinking she is ashamed for having sex in the grass til he went limp and then having conquered her he moved on to the next female all in the same weekend leaving her embarrassed and angry at his being such a dog, not really a pimp
Louise Gluck
Added by: nick mallory
Louise Gluck is one of the best poets in the world today. That her work is so little known is a tragedy but perhaps makes her work more special for the few who've had the great joy of reading her cool, precise, dazzling work. Every poem of hers has an idea behind it which chills or shifts your heart. Her first book, 'The house on Marshland' is a rare but wonderful work. Even if that had that been the only thing she'd ever written her place as a great writer would be assured.
To Nick
Added by: palgary
I'm not quite sure why you feel Louise Gluck is some undiscoverd treasure. She's a marvelous poet, and has won or been given virtually every honor you can get as a poet; the Pulitzer , the National Book Critics Circle, Guggenheim AND Rockerfeller Fellowships, and if my memory serves me, she assumed the duties as Poet Laureate and Consultant to the Library of Congress last year. Not to mention, she's published loads of books. Not bad for an unknown, huh?

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