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The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Samuel Coleridge

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Added by: Joel
Quite beautiful really; although set in a surreal landscape, the message of the need for Godliness is clear.
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Added by: Jeffrey Barnes
Believe it or not, I've memorized this beautiful thing, and will inflict it upon anyone willing to sit still for 35 minutes.

I think there are three ways to hear it:

(1) as strange and solemn music,

(2) as a horror movie with great special effects by a God-hungry opium addict, and

(3)as the soul's odyssey in Western religion: that is, alienation through sin FROM the rest of Creation to atonement ("at one"-ment) when one rings again with the resonant frequency of the Creator.

Added by: Jeffrey Barnes (AKA Soundsnatche
Coleridge's marginal comments to "The Rime" are beautiful, elucidating (or hallucinating), and almost indispensible to the poem; My favorite is "No twilight within the courts of the Sun," when night descends instantly after the ghost ship departs, and before the Mariner's shipmates just as suddenly DROP down dead.

I don't know if these could somehow be added to this copy, but, if not, I thought I'd recommend them to readers desiring further explanation or further beauty.
the seven deadly sins vs. the rime of the ancient
Added by: HOlly
i think that lust of the major sins is what he commits when killing the albatorss and for his redemtion he loves all things
to HOllyi
Added by: Junzhe Zou
"lust of the major sins is what he commits when killing the albatorss and for his redemtion he loves all things"

What does that mean? excuse me but I have never read the Bible, the first Bible I came accross was sent into the fireplace by a drunk.
another thing
Added by: Junzhe Zou
i know this doesn't excatly fall under the "help other visitors understand" but i feel i must say this: Coleridge must have been really bored when he wrote this rime to have made it this long.
Added by: Kelly Wedel
Rime of the ancient mariner is a wonderful poem written in Iambic Pentameter. I thoroughly enjoyed the role of the albatross throughout the story. Please holler back.

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