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Waiting For The Miracle

Leonard Cohen

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Added by: kurt sigmon
A poem about sitting in zen meditation and waiting for satori. Of course, while you are 'waiting' (desiring it), it will never come.
Added by: This is Just to Say...
I am so in love with Leonard.
Added by: Sara Sotomayor
well i have to say that i totaly loved this poem!! it reminds me of a friend who loved this guy and he knew it was wierd to date someone young altho she was only 5 yrs younger..well..he waited untill she graduated and they married he asked her for forgivness but he felt it was right now that she was older and not 13 and him 18. they're pretty happy now. anyways, i truely loved this poem by leonard cohen. its just magnificent and very beautiful. atleast the way i understand it and i hope others like it the same way.

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