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The City

C.P. Cavafy

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the city by cavafy
Added by: ronny vos
this has been my favorite poem for a long time - happy to read it again on the net.

this is new proof that you cannot escape from yourself and your past. the city and its poetry will always be there within yourself.

whether the city is called alexandria or athens or istanbul or nicosia or diyarbakir or whatever... in all of these cities I tried but never managed to discover myself.

yes,we change
Added by: Ellen Riorden
Yes, place does affect us. The air, moisture, smells, the sounds, the quality of light moving through us, stirring up old associations and creating new ones. If it is true that every place has it's daemon, then we are always under the spell of place.
A Broken Heart? Take yourself far from the sights and sounds that remind you every second of what you have lost.
Of course you can never leave yourself behind, but to breath new air is to change for better or worse.

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