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Leonard Cohen

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Added by: Michelle
Suzanne is a very beautiful and eloquent SONG. So are many of the other so-called poems posted here for the wonderful Mr. Cohen. However, they are not poems. His style of poetry differs from that of his lyrics, and therefore they are distinct categories. Try putting a couple of lines up here that we CAN'T find on lyrics.com. (Go Canada!)
Added by: LuKe
Suzanne was actually originially conceived as a poem. It was Judy Collins idea that he turn it into a song. You will find Suzanne in Cohen's Selected poems, the one they released in the sixties.
Added by: max mulligan
perfect. precise. like a long slow dream that you never forget.
Added by: S
This man is just incredible. Ive always loved this poems. Did you know Suzanne is a real person he knew? She is still alive. I saw a whole program about this last night. She lives on Venice beach in California. Shes actually homeless and drives around in her caravan. A very intriguing character.
Mr. Cohen is a true Montreal legend. I truly admire his talent and his spirit.

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