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She Walks In Beauty

Lord Byron

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The incomparable unattainable Mrs Wilmot
Added by: Maddy
George Gordon, Lord Byron achieved something that has been done by very few men before the era of modern media:- he had an enormous following of ardent female fans who swooned at the mere mention of his name. Prior to Byron, only Casanova and Don Juan had such a widespread effect. Byron, through his poetry, his seductions and his sultry manner created his own legend.

He was titled, rich and exceptionally handsome. He was 5 foot 10, had a head and face which were a sculptor's dream, creamy skin and chestnut curls which he improved a little with the aid of curling papers. His eyes were deep blue and his gaze made women, and quite frequently men who were so inclined go weak at the knees.

Well, the beautiful Mrs Wilmot, whom he met at a party, failed to go weak at the knees. She had eyes only for Mr Wilmot. She drifted around in her tempting little sheer black dress with gold spangles and flirted quite openly with her own husband.

Poor Byron! He went home quite distracted, drank a couple of stiff brandies and dashed off his most exquisite poem- to one "whose love is innocent"!

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