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This Is A Photograph Of Me

Margaret Atwood

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Added by: Ricky
I think everybody is right, There are so many ways of seeing the poem. To me I kind of connected Atwoods other poem, "Morning in the burned house". Maybe that house is the small frame house. Who really knows, everybody Sees it in a different way and I cant even think that deep:)
a photograph of who?
Added by: wordbeater
Atwood is saying that women are ignored in society, we have to point out that we really exsist, just like in the poem, no one can see the woman that is there!
Added by: jen
i am only in the 9th grade and i understand what it is about. She is just feels as if she is being overshadowed in life. She describes the setting in great detail but doesnt talk about herself until the fourth stanza. She does not think she is important in the world. She even puts the part about herself in parenthese, just to clarify the setting. She thinks that she had no purpose and that everyone has forgotten about her.
Added by: hastafi
well for all those people who said...this is just a morbid poem blah blah blah.....UR WRONG....firstly, if you knew anything about poetry you'd know that there are always underlying meanings that demand interpretation and incite as to the author or speaker's point of view. And lastly, for people who take english in university....PS: YOU CAN'T JUST TELL YOUR PROF THAT IT'S A STUPID MORBID POEM!!!!! TRUST ME I WISH IT WAS THAT EASY BUT ITS NOT....I CAN FINALLY DO MY ASSIGNMENT NOW:) U GUYZ R FREKIN AWSOME!
Added by: andrea
Im also doing this poem for an assignment, this forum has been pretty helpful :)

i cant resist adding to the debate of course, even a few years later:

writters like atwood dont write a simple poem about death. of course theres more behind the poem!
Photograph Of Me
Added by: Akarshi
the poem is the photograph

the author is hidden in the poem aka the photograph
Added by: Sam
I think Atwood was sick of being judged by people like you, Colton & others and janelle is right, i bet you all failed those exams.
contemporary literature
Added by: allie
It is said that as a contemporary poet, Margaret Atwood seeks to challenge distorted notions of women by highlighting their resilience. How would you argue this with reference to "This Is A Photograph Of Me" and "A Foundling?"
Added by: erin
janelle, really. You're right this poem is just about how the author is actually dead and wrote a poem about it after she died, oh wow, how logical. That's like saying road less travelled y frost is actually talking about a road that we travel when we take hikes in the forest. Because i'm sure that's why Frost spent so much time writing that one poem.
Added by: marieke
it's a really beautiful poem it's really quite, modest. It calms you down and i'm glad that it's not about love and boyfriends

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