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Margaret Atwood

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Added by: n. kohl
the title of this poem sums up my opinion of margaret atwood's work. she is just sloppy and derivative of other, better female poets of our time. if you're canadian like me you've probably been told how great she is in school, but i don't think she'll be remembered down the road.
Added by: Lisa G.
Margaret Atwood is the opposite of sloppy. Her poetry works much like a camcorder, faithfully recording feelings and images. Her poems are also psychologically deep and unique. You can't understand them unless you connect with them emotionally. This particular poem always gets to me. It's a familiar theme, but i't's expressed poignantly.
bored by margret attwood
Added by: p. ruggill
instead of lambasting her reputation, you might have addressed the poem, which probably would have made the point better. belaboring the point of her boredom at her male friend's chauvinism, only illicits boredom in the reader, and is a kind of self serving pity.. the poetess could have moved on, confronted, taken the initiative, changed the subject, or better yet, applied her talent to some other subject, less boringly..
Added by: Nicole
“Bored” is a poem many women who have had a significant other who liked cars, math, computers or anything the woman has no interest in can relate to. The speaker is bored with tagging along with her boyfriend, “holding the log/while he sawed it/ Holding/the strings while he measured” (2-4) and putting up with other tasks. “All those times I was bored/out of my mind” (1-2), the speaker says. It was “myopia”, not just boredom. The readers feel her pain as they wade through her detailed descriptions of what she does.
The poem is a slight conceit (extended metaphor), because not only is she bored of the tasks, but also she is bored with him. She does not like being with him, does not like “the boring rhythm of doing/things over and over” (21-22). She leaves him, because “I could hardly wait to get/the hell out of there to/anywhere else” (33-35). However, now she wonders if “boredom is happier”(36). She misses him—all that “minutiae” which annoyed her before has now become endearing as she remembers it as “sunnier/all the time” (30-31) even though it seemed dreary whil
Added by: Sweet Rose
I think Atwood did an excellent job in conveying the mood of the poem. The title is bored and if you felt bored reading it then that is exactly how you should feel. I great writer will make you feel what they are saying not just read it and that is exactly what she did
Added by: jack johnson
i think that this poem has a lot to do with some women's view on life.... boredom. some women feel as though the men are controlling them and they are assistants to them. u kno.. helping hold stuff and learning about things u dont care about...and by the end she realizes that it wasnt so bad and if she could go back with the knowledge she has now she might live differently. right?!
Added by: Thomas N. Thompson
This poem exactly captures the way in which all the humdrum routines of life can come to seem, finally, vital to us. The perfect last lines tell us that the poet has long ago left her boredom behind, has realized that our lives reside in the most ordinary daily things. Finally, she shows us that life is not so much about action as it is about observing closely, using our myopia to record perfect memories that offer more than a consolation for those boring moments.
Added by: laura
Reminds me of a relationship I had that bored me to tears, I "could hardly wait to get the hell out of there to anywhere else"; gave him up for someone exciting, something passionate. She's right; perhaps boredom is happier, being comfortable. What beautiful last lines: "Now I wouldnt be bored...Now I would know". We always want more, we cant just be happy being content, because contentedness is boredom.
It's a problem a lot of people have...
Added by: Buffi
That they expect poems to be so much like songs. They aren't. Most people don't care. They want the message to be there and to be straight forward just like song lyrics. You guys are wrong. You can't write a line, find a thesaurus, use big words and rhyme them to create poetry. There is a deeper, more underlying meaning. If you can't see it, and just think this poem is about her being bored, then don't complain about it, 'kay?
Added by: lauren
Atwood described this poem as one of several about her father and his death. But the posibility that the "he" that the speaker refers to is infact the speakers father!

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