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Visitors' Comments about:

Dance Me To The End Of Love

Leonard Cohen

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Not good representation of Cohen's Poetry
Added by: Sam Bryks
All the poems listed are lyrics from Cohen's songs. While these pass as poetry, they are first, lyrics. Cohen has written hundreds of poems, so these representatives of his writing are not the best of his poetry by far.
Added by: Cohen Fan
If this is not the best
I'm afraid to read the rest.
No need to be afraid
Added by: Sam Bryks
Don't be afraid. Nothing to fear. Leonard Cohen was a poet before he became a popular songwriter/singer. His poetry is often wonderful, and if not always wonderful, it is thought provoking. I have been reading Cohen for nigh on 40 years, and the chain is unbroken one might say. He will "dance to the end of love".
Added by: susan sarandon
I like dancing and I like love, so I think that "dance to the end of love" is a wonderful piece of writing
Great songs, but certainly not Cohen's poetry.
Added by: Sheryl
These are amazing songs, but as stated in a previous comment, these songs of Leonard Cohen's don't even slightly compare to his poetry and experimental novels. Cohen is so profoundly introspective, it's a shame to view his music and musical lyrics as the sum of his parts. It's too bad that there isn't a better representation of his poetry here.
Added by: Otto Frank
Susan Sarandon is right, for Christ´s sake. Both poetry and songs are made by words, and the status of them are the same: artistic. Did you mean that, Susan? Anyway, how old are you, darling?
yes , dance her till she get tired
Added by: hicham Soukkani
Sir L. Cohen , words , music , golden voice as u said ....excite us ....we too touch you by our minds & thats why we are here ! bonne continiation
Added by: Maury
I have found Cohen's past music to be quite depressing, like music to stick your head into a gas oven by. But his recent work is more uplifting, like music to dance off the edge of a cliff by.

As down as it can get, his poerty and music does make me feel alive and appreciate life.
Leonard Cohen
Added by: Sander
He is a genius!!And that is his best song...I admire his work...

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