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In Memory Of The Horse David, Who Ate One Of My Poems

James Wright

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Added by: Mark
Suckered in by the ambiguity if the title was the complete poem or if plagarist.com had made an omission of posting the title but not the body of the poem, I surfed the net thru many dead ends until I came upon this.

(In fact, in the new poems Wright has even found room for humor, which is a rarity in his work one poem consists merely of the title: In Memory of the Horse David, Who Ate One of My Poems" at the top of a blank page. It reveals a quality one has always suspected in Wright but never had proof of.)


One dead end was a picture of the horse, which for a moment is what I thought the author might have placed under the textless title. Go to the following and click down a bunch


Anyway, a lot of wandering effort to come back to the idea of a blank page in memory of a horse who ate a poem.

Now I am Laughing Out Loud LOL

a poem by James Wright
Added by: anthony zugay
"In Memory of the Horse David Who Ate One of My Poems" had first puzzled me, too when I first came across it on this website, leaving me wondering, "why the typo?" Having recently received "Above The River" this past X-Mas, I came across it again, realizing, "I'll be damned. No typo." It seems to me Wright had probably written a poem complete with lines, stanzas, theme, etc. and the original "Idea" he had intended to get across ended up in the belly of his horse "David" Probably the only copy. So Wright, perhaps trying to right the wrong, came up with the above title as a means of self-amusement in dealing with the loss of one of his creations. I don't think he shot the horse("in memory of"), but simply implied so for the sake of expressing his torn feelings between an animal he absolutely loved and a poem the said animal ate because that is what animals do. And therefore it is natural for a human to be upset in this sort of situation. Expressing anger verbally and acting on it are two different things, no doubt. Imagine that... a poem with no body to it. Is it anything like ice creram without the cone? Maybe I am completely off track. What do I know? I barely graduated high school. thanK You....

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