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8 Fragments For Kurt Cobain

Jim Carroll

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Added by: Ted Wallenius
Why does Kurt continue to inspire such reverence? As a fan/not fan I find it difficult to understand. Music continues, and I am not convinced anything Kurt wrote was so much better than anything else anyone did during the same period; bands like Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, and Soundgarden all mean more to me, and have their own sad stories to tell. But Kurt had that something that inspired other tortured souls. This is some poem. It hits you in the gut from the first line. It sums it up better than I can--maybe the reason the Jim Carroll is still alive, maybe the reason he "talked more with the monkey" is because he realized how much more he had to live for, and that is worth celebrating far more than the mighty K. C., who gave up on his genius and his pain.
jim carroll
Added by: julian
From the outside,

This is the first poem of JIm Carroll which i have ever read. LIke many who have seen the film, Basketball diaries i was deeply intreged by Carroll.

About the poem.

It is often said that good poetry comes from the heart, it is not from the heart, but from true understanding a exspretion that this truly graet poem was born. I think that Carroll can probably relate to K.C's reaction to his fame. It is true genius on the poets part to analise cobains death with such an open mind. this poem is not effected by the medias portrail of K.C. This poem is, i think, i conversation between the writer and kurt Cobain himself.

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