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Eating Poetry

Mark Strand

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Eating Poetry
Added by: Mike Brown
What is this peom all about? I am not sure what it means.
It's not that hard to figure out...
Added by: Ailene R. Herrick
Read it again... Strand is writing it from the point of view from a dog...
Well, it's more than that
Added by: Katie
Enjoying poetry isn't a quiet thing for him, it makes him (the speaker) feel like a romping canine. He's not writing from a dog's point of view (what would a dog care for poetry), his joy in reading and experiencing poetry is best expressed in the way a dog expresses joy... loudly, happily, and often rambunctiously.
good comment Katie
Added by: Danielle
No this is not a literal poem of turning into a dog. But definately of savoring poetry like a dog savors well..anything..bones, food, smells.

I love how the ink runs out of his mouth..it almost evokes the slobber coming out of dog's mouth. The horror of the librarian too is fun..Strand is really having fun at her expense we see that evident enjoyment is such a contrast to this very traditional image of a librarian..a nice counterpoint.

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