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Visitors' Comments about:

Gacela Of The Dark Death

Federico García Lorca

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The only poem ever to even remotely haunt me...
Added by: Stephen Dromgoole
I first saw this poem in, of all places, a restaurant. It was made up into a large poster placed on one of the walls, and during a meal there I read it. I have little or no appreciation of poetry, but the notion of "sleeping the sleep of apples" is so bizarre and yet perfectly beautiful. This is by far my favourite poem.
Added by: David
Well , it`s actually all rubbish.
`The sleep of the apples...'
er, apples don`t sleep any more than door handles or dinner plates.
It`s this type of risible pish that gives poetry a bad name.
Haunting beauty of Lorca
Added by: Ryan McGuire
Stephen, I'm glad you've found the beauty of Lorca's poetry!

Lorca was a common man, no poetry critic like Mr. David below.
He wrote what he felt in hopes that readers would feel what they read.
this translation
Added by: john mair
the translation on this page of "Gacela of Dark Death" is the worst translation of this poem I have ever read. It is clumsy and many of the images are not at all true to the original spanish. A random search on the web for this poem will yield at least 5 other translations that are far superior. It is a great poem and it is shameful to see it mutilated in this way.
Added by: Adan
Estoy de acuerdo con john. Es una lastima que no pudieron encontrar otra traduccion de este poema. Aparte de eso me pregunto por que no tienen el original?
Added by: kfv
I wonder where i can find the better translations of this poem like what Mr. John Mair mentioned in his comment.

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