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To The Whore Who Took My Poems

Charles Bukowski

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this poem
Added by: fell
this poem is like hearing a jazz solo in your head waking up in the morning and discovering your wallet missing but your notebook thankefully intact...
even a whore is human
Added by: gypsey
Even a whore does not live by bread alone...he reduced her to a fuck, where as she admired his work more than the money...he did not give her a single poem, he did not know she was human so she stole all of his poetry, it was the only way she could otherwise have it from him. Maybe needing money wasn't the only reason she was there.
Reply to 'even a whore is human'
Added by: Mike
the whore stole his poem in anger; she wanted to HURT him, and knew well that stealing poems will do nicely...
the moral is....
Added by: Jame O.
the moral is to keep freakin' copies of EVERYTHING. I have learned this lesson when an entire era of my work (six months) was discarded by someone who I called a whore!
Added by: MEL
Man, sometimes all you got is your poetry. It's your breath, your soul, your emotion, your anger, your love.
As a poet myself, I will throw away what I don't like, or give away what I want to give, but, you can steal my computer before you can steal my poetry. I can buy another computer, but poems...Man, you can't buy inspiration, or another way to express what you need to to survive....
Added by: muehl
She got his poems but he wrote a poem because of it.....so they both won......money,a meal , words, a momentary absence of lonliness, a warm fuck.....life moved forward toward some kind of light for them both.

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