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Dorothy Parker

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Added by: John Hall
Sad, trite, amazing, sad.
Genius that she had.
Sullied by drink, she still
Captured the rhyme.
How can we judge,
Or make sense of her tiime?
Added by: Mary
She's depressed, but if you're trying to avoid suicide, whatever melts your butter goes. As long as you can get a reason not to do it, even if it's a selfish one...
Added by: KashL
the irony of it all really captured the whole prospect of anything becoming of this
Just plain brilliant
Added by: Lisa G.
Underlying this poem is Parker's unconcealable attitude that life is senseless and maddening. She remains in it for no other reason, or so she says, other than her instinctive dislike of pain and unpleasant odors. What is amazing is how she turns this cynical view of life into a delightful and humorous little poem which rhymes perfectly and in 8 lines lists all major methods of suicide and their complications.

Another cute poem on the same theme is "Life is Fine" by Langston Hughes. Makes you wonder if all great poets have a death wish.

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