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The Most Beautiful Woman In Town

Charles Bukowski

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Added by: Katz
I think this poem is a summary of his relationship with Jane,his first turbulent love..Its written in the eyes of contemplative person looking back on the past..No anger,no hurt pride,just the distilled love for the person and the sorrow too..
Added by: Vali
a truer addict of something far greater than what we hope to comprehend....the balance, but more than that, the sensibility to cope and thus to perpetuate existence....which is truly the plight of mortals, and the nature of addiction.
Added by: Josh
I loved this, it spurned feelings in me that a poem can, but is there a dividing line between poetry and prose? Why is this classified as a poem?
Added by: steve
this is actually a short story from a book called the most beautiful woman in town and other stories. fabulous book, check it out.
the most beautiful woman in town
Added by: jennifer
Isn't that just the most beautiful thing you've ever read?
Added by: Julia
I have to agree with Jennifer...when I first read this poem at 14, I had had little experience with Bukowski and was utterly shocked at his ability to relay raw human emotion without actually writing about it. Definitely my favorite serious piece by him.
Added by: Little Boy
I need a new heart now.
Added by: Russell
First read this story about a decade ago and somehow it stuck in my head. Every so often a portrait of a woman just sticks in your head (Jack Kerouac's TRISTESSA, Jim Harrison's DALVA, for example), and you can instantly attach someone you know to it. Seeing my stepdaughter's newest piercing yesterday, this story just popped back into mind.

Good literature does that.
Added by: andrea from norway
we got this short storie in our english class... And I just love it but it broke my heart. . .

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