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Some People

Charles Bukowski

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186 anyone?
Added by: Ian
bukowski definitely knows.
Added by: jim
Sometimes I think that Charles really wished he wasn't so weak as to be a drunk. He clearly feels the need to speculate that other folks aren't as happy as he is. I don't doubt that he is correct in his observation of many people who never go crazy, But to assume that they are miserable, points to his own insecurity. As if he is trying to convince himself of the rightness of his life. I prefer his poems that don't focus on comparing himself to others.
I love him.
Added by: Adamrot Lebowski
oh how i agree with you jim. his most appealing poems to me are the complete unashamed attitude towards his lifestyle and beliefs. the way he mocks those who don't think for themselves and the way he cannot be budged by anyone is almost enviable. although this poem shows a subtle insecurity to his character, i feel that he is saying (like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider) that he's never wanted to be like someone else. he much prefers the life of being comfortably insane. don't we all?
Added by: scott lynch
Chuck wants to be someone else;not out of envy or whatever , but simply because he doesn`t want to be HIM. It`s that simple. The rightness of his life jim is undeniably RIGHT as are his opinions as they pertain to him ONLY. You are obviously caught up in an ego of your own making with your shallow analysis of Henry Chinaski.
Added by: Lisa G.
I don't really feel like commenting, but I will anyhow cuz this comment page is male-dominated and male dominance always bugs me. I think Bukowski is saying all his episodes of mania and depression--he seems quite manic-depressive to me--give life a certain flavor and keep it interesting.
Added by: r.k.
to me he is saying that madness is not a bad thing...sometimes it is wonderful...creative mad genius
some people
Added by: pete
I think that CB is unhappy with himself but only the unhappiness that depression brings. That is constant and so CB will ultimately never be happy. However, I feel he is content to be 'crazy and unhappy' as acceptance is the only way forward. I think he realises that and going crazy is his form of acceptance or letting go. In essence I think he feels he would be unhappier if he didn't go crazy from time to time and perceives those that do not as the ones who are not accepting their fate.

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