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Visitors' Comments about:

Drunk As Drunk

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: molly
this is beautiful
Added by: donna macalino
In this poem, as well as many others, Pablo Neruda captures the essence of love and isolation perfectly.
Added by: Jennifer
This poem reminds me of sailing on a hot summer's day and there is no wind. So you just let the boat drift and there is nothing but sun, salt, sea and sky. And the one you love tangled up with you. Perhaps that's why I love it so.
Added by: richard
I have not been able to locate the Spanish version of Drunk as Drunk.

Where can I find it? when was it published, in what?
Added by: jeni rae
I love this poem because it seems as though he is drunk of his lover. They are wrapped up in each other in their own world that may not even exist. If it does it's peaceful, quiet, and undisturbing.
Drunk As Drunk
Added by: christopher
Neruda is the Latin Poet of Love. A poet as good as -who- Shakes-his-Speare - letting love drip from his pen into our hearts. His love is romantic; yet, not romantisized. It's virtuous and whole, something I believe in (not virtue by means of pissy disputes of right and wrong). No. Neruda tells us of a love that is so true and feels so right that no one would dispute his vision of love for the fear that "this" true love might escape them. because he tells us, we know how to love.
Added by: Aradia
Lovely poem. The perfect balance of passion and calm. Terrific.
Added by: Ashley
This poem makes me think of being drunk on love and the world of your own you enter under intoxication. Love is intoxicating...this poem invisions being somewhere peaceful and quiet wrapped up in making love to no end.

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