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The Little Black Boy

William Blake

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Any review sites?
Added by: Arse
I'm studying Blake for A-level English. Does anyone know of a good website with very good reviews on his Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience poems?
Added by: Myra Mohnen
I believe that Blake was talking about racism and the treatment made at that time to blacks. The little black boy's perceptive on Christianity and salvation may be ironic. The voice is the one of a little child, which represents innocence
Added by: Max
I don’t think that the worm is a priest! -> if it was the case then the priest " has found thy bed"... do not agree there.

In my view, the rose represents life. The worm represents the force that controls love. He uses "howling storm" to express a great deal of confusion in life. I think that this is related to the sexual aspect of the poem highlighted in "thy bed of crimson joy".
Now for the most telling line:
"And his dark secret love"...
This means that Blake sees love as evil (dark) and he is saying that it is the secret of the worm!
Is the worm the devil, or god, or just a higher being?
he then says "Does thy life destroy." Notice destrOY and JOY. The only rhyme in the poem. It brings permanence and a finalisation to destroy. I think he may be saying that love destroys life.
But how about this: Why did he use the worm to represent this evil? When i think worm in this case i think apple. i think that is how the worm is seen. But what about the apple? It is a fruit of life. So in the same way, love is the fruit of life... so he is saying more than just love destroys life... he is saying love nourishes life.... and then destroys it! Worm is to apple, as love is to a person.
As an explanation as to why he wrote the poem... it could be may reasons. My best guess is that his lover loves someone else, or has slept with someone else. (The invisible worm / has found out thy bed) Think of the whole poem as not just about a few people... think of every one. Every person who loves another is a victim of the worm. They are under a spell. (love controls the person... the person cannot control love!)
But now that Blakes heart is broken... he is free of the spell. And he sees only evil and disease. He says "O Rose, (life) thou art sick!" --- He feels like he is dieing
Added by: Tiffany
Truly inspiring.
william blake
Added by: irelind
this was a great book i really enjoye reading such thoughtout poemspeople with very engaged minds write great poetry that why i love reading his poems
poem theme
Added by: shawn walukiewicz
what is the theme in The Little Black Boy by William Blake

Thank you
Added by: Tara
There are frequent references to light throughout the poem which i think symbolises the differences in skin colour as well as the treatments one recieves from their colour.such as ..."But i am black, as if bereaved of light"
Light is a strong theme throughout also symbolising innocense and purity.

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